Antoinette’s Story

Part of the Neighborhood for Over a Century

William Morphis opened his first candy store in 1915 and in 1934 established Antoinette’s Sweets at the corner of Fillmore and Sycamore, a meeting place for the neighborhood.  

In 1958, William’s son James and his wife Aphrodite moved the entire operation to Transit Road in Depew, where Antoinette’s Sweets still stands.  

Jim and Aphrodite’s son Peter joined his parents in 1975 where they expanded the manufacturing confectionary and retail establishment and ran the business with his wife Alexandra.  

Peter and Alexandra’s son John came to Antoinette’s Sweets in 2010 where he learned the three generation-old recipes and techniques from his father. The business is currently run by Alexandra, John, and his wife Katya.

Today Antoinette’s Sweets remains at the heart of the neighborhood at the
corner of Transit and French and in the greater Western New York community.