Food Retail and Manufacturing Position

Part Time Position

Job Description:

Make ice cream sundaes, shakes, sodas and other specialties to order for customers; make up candy boxes to order for customers; provide knowledge of products upon request; package and restock regular items; clean and maintain sanitary and welcoming environment throughout entire store.

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How We Are Different:

In our store we are not looking for a human assembly line as has become the norm in many food retail establishments. We emphasize service, and interpersonal interaction as an essential quality we offer to our customers. Our employees learn to make a product with personal distinction throughout the manufacturing process. Our customers value us for high quality candies, chocolates, and ice cream novelties, but also for the warm atmosphere, attention to detail, and personal connection that we provide. We believe this is essential to all business yet it often is over-looked in reports as it can be difficult to quantify. In short, our business is based on personal attention. If you have a taste and a skill for this, or want to develop one, we would love to work with you.

Experience You Will get:

  1. Long-Term: When applying for entry level jobs, a survey of almost 7,000 applicants showed those with 15+ months of tenure at a previous job were 85% more likely to be hired than those with less.1 Antoinette’s provides valuable long-term experience with part-time hours so you can simultaneously go to school, prepare for a career, or manage a household.
  2. Individual Work: At Antoinette’s we train our employees to work individually on projects, and one on one with customers. This is done in a team atmosphere which fosters cooperation, while maintaining personal accomplishments.
  3. Manufacturing Exposure: We make over 70 candies from scratch, and form over 100 molded chocolate pieces for our store. Our employees learn the chain necessary to make raw commodities into a product with value, and how little details along the way play a huge role.
  4. Face to Face Interface: Our employees interact directly with the customer from entry to exit. They learn how to quickly and effectively develop genuine trust with the customer IN PERSON. To quote Apple CEO Tim Cook, “For all the beauty of technology and all the things we’ve helped facilitate over the years, nothing yet replaces human interaction. And I don’t think it will ever happen.”2

The Benefits We Offer:

  1. Group-Term Life Insurance: We offer $40,000 of life insurance coverage at no cost. To qualify, employees must be with us for 6+ months and average 30+ hours/week.
  2. Flexible Scheduling: Our positions are part-time and as such, our employees usually have other jobs, are going to school, or managing a household which all demand time and attention. As any of our employees will tell you, we are happy to be flexible with scheduling to accommodate other demands.
  3. Tickets@Work Event Discounts: Free access to a service that offers discounts to theme parks, concerts, and events. To qualify, employees must be with us for 6+ months.
  4. Career Coaching: We provide subsidized access to JML Career Coaching which specializes in helping with Job Search, Career Exploration, Resume Review, and Interview Prep. To qualify, employees must be with us for 6+ months and average 12+ hours/week.
  5. Bonus!: In addition to regular pay, all employees are eligible for bonuses in reward for exemplary work.
  1. The Science of the Job Search, Part V: Getting Fired (or Laid Off) Costs You ~5 Years of Experience. Kushal Chakrabarti. May 2018.
  2. How Jony Ive Masterminded Apple’s New Headquarters. Christina Passariello. Wall Street Journal Magazine, July 2017.


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